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PUZZLE PIECES is a collection of new flexible works by award-winning British composer Lucy Pankhurst, written as part of the MECLA (Music Education and Cultural Learning Alliance) 3 year project, funded by Erasmus+, with Accent Music Education Hub as the lead organisation.

There are 25 pieces with idiomatically differentiated parts for brass, woodwind, string and percussion instruments that can be pieced together in any combination. Each instrument part is available in different levels of difficulty – depending on the piece and the part there are anything from two to six levels*. Level 1 begins with notes and rhythms accessible for beginner players, with a subsequent level offering a new challenge, new notes and a higher level of technical proficiency. There are also ‘Melody’ parts included for more advanced performers. Each piece has an accompanying backing track.

A PDF file with detailed instructions is available from the website (link above) - you might want to check this out before getting started!



Lucy Pankhurst © 2022

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