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On 30th November 2011, Lucy was presented with a British Composer Award for 'In Pitch Black' - a commemorative work, marking the centenary of the Pretoria Pit Disaster. Praised for her ability to 'communicate emotion within music', Lucy received the award from Michael Berkley at Stationers Hall in London. 'In Pitch Black' was the first Brass Band work to win a British Composers' Award and Lucy was also the first female recipient in the Wind and Brass Band catagory.


Lucy was also shortlisted for the award in 2018 with 'Mindscapes', in 2014 for her elecro acoustic brass band work - 'Th'owfen Raconteurs' - and in 2013, for the collaborative work 'Diversions After Benjamin Britten' with composers Simon Dobson, Gavin Higgins and Paul McGhee (pictured below).


She also reached the shortlist in 2016 in the Community or Education Project category with 'Brass Roots; Musical Wings' for multiple youth ensembles.





























Above (L-R) - McGhee, Higgins, Dobson, Pankhurst - RNCM, 2013



Other compositional accolades include:


2011 - John Golland Award (RNCM) - 'Alchemists' Fire'

2008 - Best New Composition at the U.S. Open Brass Band Championships, Chicago - 'Wicked'

2006 - Inaugural RNCM Festival of Brass Young Composers Competition - 'Ascension' for brass band

2015 - RNCM Gold Medal finalist

"Although a natural modesty prevents her from admitting it, Lucy Pankhurst did the brass band world a service of inestimable proportions in winning a British Composer Award for her moving tribute to the tragic victims of the 1910 Pretoria pit disaster, ‘In Pitch Black’"                                      

                                         (Chris Thomas, 4BR, 2012)


Lucy Pankhurst © 2021

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